“At ORGANIKA, we believe in the extraordinary power of aroma.
We explore thousands of organic ingredients and handpick the most unique blends
to create a luxurious journey through the world of Scents.”

Our brand has a mission, and a very important one at that. Having been derived from the word organic combined with our love of aroma from the hand picked top notch ingredients from around the world, we believe we have created an incredible line of products for everyone. Organika uses only the top quality ingredients, which are selected with extreme care and sophisticated technique to maintain its natural base to ensure the best products used on your skin and body.
We make sure that our products are free from toxins and are free from contaminated chemical residues or any other contents that will cause harm to you. With extra meticulous care taken from the very beginning selecting the ingredients down to the packaging, we make sure we leave as little negative foot print in the world, and make as much of a difference in people’s lives in the very best way as possible.

One of our main ingredients in our products and our primary focus, as you can see from our very logo, the Magnolia flower is present. It’s the flower of divine beauty and a representation of life force and perfection. It is one of the oldest surviving flower species in the world, even before bees have even been discovered. Its application is limitless from anti-aging products for face and eye contour to protective formulas or the anti-redness skin care products.

We use only 100% essential oil in all of our products. The aroma is more authentic, the products soothes much better with the human body and inhaling the fragrances emitted from our product is just pure pleasant, no headaches or dizziness from the chemicals used like the others for enhancing their products. Other than its core application, our products also serve as a stress reductive ailment, therapeutic element treating symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia or even headaches or sinus problems.
With firm belief in the power of aromatherapy, Organika creates signature scents that relax and restore balance in the body and soul. The five exhilarating scents will set you off on a sensual journey filled with imagination and captivating experiences. Into the Wood soothes the mind with fragrance of forest mist while Secret Rose Garden delivers sweet, delicate scent of roses in bloom. The vitality and joy of the sea is artfully captured in refreshing Ocean of Dreams while Memoirs of Sunrise gently awakens your senses with warm, bright morning sun. The last scent is Kisses of Jasmine where sweet, fragile scent of milky white jasmine evokes the sense of delicate, gentleness. Organika also has several other scents to choose to best benefit the mood and tone of the consumers.